11 Reasons To Still Be Thankful You Live In America

They don't call this the greatest country on Earth for nothin'!

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    Creativity is one of the only free things that one can posses, and with access to so many outlets here in America it is running wild! There are so many things in American culture that we run across on a daily basis to inspire us - don't take them for granted!

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    The ability to be YOU

    You have the right to... idk, pretty much do anything & everything, anywhere, in any way you see fit (within the confines of our legal system of course)! Especially nowadays with history defining rulings such as the legalization of same-sex marriage, everything is geared for you to be you!

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    Democratic Values

    Whether or not we're actually a democracy is something we may never know, but our democratic values are alive and present day in and day out. At least our country tries to uphold the principles of social equality, where in other countries lines are drawn and never crossed.

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    Whether it's live or on demand, entertainment is everywhere and it's always on hand. TV's, smartphones, video games, movies, sports - you name it, we've got it! Not to mention we're pretty much supplying it to the rest of the world as well.

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    Compared to the rest of the world, our ease of life is unmatched! Whatever you want is in America in some shape, form or fashion. The only thing we could ever run dry on is motivation because we already have so much of... everything!

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    Clean Water

    Can't forget this one, especially since up to 60% of the human body is made up of water! It's all good for us here in America, but the percentages of clean water go down everywhere else in the world - and I'm not talkin' about your Brita filter!

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    Lord Alfred Tennyson said "tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all", and you could pretty much say the same for technology. At times we all must wonder what life would be like without all of this tech, buttttt then we get a text message and forget all about those questions.

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    America, seen as the rebel country, by far has the biggest influence on the ideology of the world - that's why we're so... "popular"! Now if only we could be more responsible with our image...

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    Sans the massive zillion dollar debt we're in, things are pretty good for us... right? Well you could say America is taking the millennial stance on student loan debt and just forgetting about it, but one thing doesn't change - we still have to pay it! Oh well, at least we're not Greece!

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    What do we really have to be unhappy about here in America? If only we could constantly focus on the many things we take for granted day in and day out, we would ALWAYS be happy. If ever you should feel unhappy, just think hard and you'll realize if you're reading this you have NOTHING to complain about!

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    The last is pretty much what all of these boil down to - freedom. The freedom to literally say, do, and be what you want without persecution; a luxury a lot of people in the world can't afford. Know what it is to have this freedom, and please, please, PLEASE take advantage of it.

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