15 'Legally Blonde' Quotes to Live By

Bend and snap!

  1. 1

    When someone tries to talk sh*t about you

  2. 2

    When you're questioning whether or not you can finish a whole pizza

  3. 3

    When you don't want someone to know you're a Maxxinista

  4. 4

    When you have to talk yourself into that pilates class

  5. 5

    When you're trying to figure out what is happening with Tom Hiddleston right now

  6. 6

    When you have to be real with a friend who keeps dating a piece of garbage

  7. 7

    When your boyfriend says he doesn't like Tina Fey

  8. 8

    When your boss asks you to work on Saturday

  9. 9

    When people doubt you're ability to react under pressure

  10. 10

    When someone in line tries to give you attitude

  11. 11

    When you embarrass yourself in front of your crush

  12. 12

    When someone tries to give you fashion advice

  13. 13

    When your ex-boyfriend's new girl tries to dis you

  14. 14

    When you know you're the best

  15. 15

    When you slay

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