5 Lingering Questions We Have Before The Salem Season 3 Premiere

Season 2 left us with MANY cliffhangers. Let's discuss a few of them...

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    Will Mary be changed when she comes back to life?

    Okay, this really isn't a spoiler since it already shows Mary Sibley resurrected in the trailer for season 3. We saw Mary die in the arms of her beloved at the end of season 2, but it's clear that she doesn't stay dead for long. So my question is, will Mary be a different woman when she comes back to life? I'm assuming she won't be totally zombified, but will she have a new clarity or a new outlook on life? She has questioned her allegiances in the past, especially when she found our her son was destined to become the Devil incarnate. I've always found myself rooting for her, sometimes even in spite of myself when her choices have been nefarious, so I have to wonder if she'll be a force for good or evil this year.

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    Will Anne release Cotton from her thrall, and will Cotton ever forgive her?

    This development, despite all the other horror that was thrown at us, really wounded me. First of all, as Cotton said when he learned of Anne's secret identity and her love spell over him, he had already been falling in love with her. Her spell and deception were basically unnecessary had she just let fate work its will. And perhaps Cotton could have even moved past his wife's witch heritage had she not proceeded to betray him further by, quite literally, shoving her familiar down his throat, thus controlling him. I don't see Cotton as being doomed to be a witch's puppet forever, but sadly, I don't see how he'll ever be able to trust his wife again. And all things considered, I was really rooting for these two at having some hope for happiness. Is that hope lost forever?

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    Will Mercy continue her rampage for blood?

    Oh, Mercy. When we first met her in season 1 she was a tortured and abused victim habitually possessed and used by Mary Sibley as a pawn. I loved when she finally took control of her fate and started down her path to becoming a witch herself, befriending all the other neglected girls in town, eventually forming her own pseudo-hippie woodland creature clique. Her horrific burning at Sibley's hands turned her into the monster we saw for much of season 2, and I'm afraid that fire burned out all of the good will and empathy she originally had. When the Countess made her whole again by bathing her in blood, she created a greedy, blood-hungry narcissist. Mercy has changed so much over such a short period of time, so I have to wonder: which Mercy will we see in season 3? I have a feeling she'll continue hunting in order to protect her newly beautiful appearance, though I can't help but miss the Mercy that wanted to protect the weak, not kill them.

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    Will Isaac EVER catch a break?

    Sweet, sweet Isaac. Will ye ever find happiness? There is a lot of suffering on this show, but I'm not sure any of the characters have suffered quite as much as Isaac. From being put in the stocks repeatedly, to being stricken with the witch plague, to being partially EATEN by Mercy, and then finally losing his love Dolly, to say Isaac has been the unluckiest fellow in all the lands would be an understatement. He has been repeatedly punished for faults that are not his own (often a direct result of simply being Mary's friend), yet he finally seemed to snap late last season and realized the manipulation he has often played into. Will he finally have a chance for peace? Mmmm, probably not. But I can dream.

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    Will Mary and John kill their son?

    It would seem that this year's big bad will be in pint-size form as possessed little John runs rampant in Salem. I believe the tyke was doomed from the start (even before his possession, he exhibited a sadistic side), so I don't think any more exorcisms will really get the job done. So will John and Mary be able to kill their son? He's not the boy they knew, but I expect the task to be more difficult than even they anticipated.

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