6 Awe-Inspiring Views of Earth From Space

Can a goldfish truly understand its bowl without taking a look from the outside? We use our eyes and our machines to look to the stars, but when we peer back at ourselves, this is what we see. For more about Earth and its place in the universe, check out Neil deGrasse Tyson and National Geographic's new book "StarTalk": http://smarturl.it/StarTalkViews

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    "Blue Marble"

    The original “Blue Marble” photograph was taken from Apollo 17 on December 7, 1972, at a distance of 28,000 miles from Earth.

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    Earth's Horizon

    An Expedition 7 crew member on board the ISS in July 2003 captured this view of Earth’s horizon as the sun set over the Pacific Ocean.

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    "The Day the Earth Smiled"

    Earth is in the background of a photograph of Saturn, taken from Cassini on July 19, 2013, at a distance of 900 million miles.

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    Declared “the most influential environmental photo ever taken,” “Earthrise” was shot from Apollo 8 on December 24, 1968, from a distance of 240,000 miles.

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    "Pale Blue Dot"

    Transmitted from Voyager 1, the “Pale Blue Dot” photograph of Earth was shot on February 14, 1990, at a distance of 3.76 billion miles.

  6. 6

    Earth At Night

    Perhaps more than any other images, pictures like these confirm the presence of humanity on our planet. Extraterrestrial visitors, seeing the light we make in the dark, would have no doubt we are here.

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