7 Simple Changes To Help Keep Off Weight For Good!

Say goodbye love handles!

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    1. Cut Out The Soda!

    This is the easiest thing, you wouldn't BELIEVE how many calories you're getting from drinking soda. Two sodas a day is around 600 calories, that's 4200 calories down per week! That's more than a pound a week!I know, it's not going to be easy, but nothing worth it is ever easy. You can still drink a soda or two a week and be fine, but having an all water day 4 days out of the week will show you some amazing changes with barely having to lift a muscle. If you absolutely CAN'T cut out soda (which should not be the case), stay away from diet sodas (there is plenty of research pointing towards them being terrible). You'd be surprised what seltzer water and some low-calorie water flavoring can do! They make a great replacement if you're in love with the fizz.

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    2. Purchase a pedometer!

    And then after you buy it... WALK!As someone who can't stand anything that makes me sweat, walking is the perfect medium between getting some meaningful exercise but not working over time.If you don't like the heat, walk at night. If you think you "don't have time," get up early and walk to work. If you're at work, pick a lunch place a few blocks away and walk there to get the food instead of getting it delivered. There are plenty of excuses, but encouraging yourself to walk every day and counting your steps and pushing yourself will help you lose the extra weight without much sacrifice. If you're struggling to keep motivated, go with some friends, your significant other, or your parents.Oh... and you should #PurchaseSomeWalkingShoes.You can thank me later.

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    3. Get on a weight scale EVERY DAY.

    There are some great, affordable scales that can easily be found online. I bought a fantastic electric scale for only around $20. Here are easy steps to help:1. Weigh yourself at the same time of day, with the same clothes (or no clothes on) AFTER you relieve yourself in the bathroom. 2. Repeat the number to yourself at least 3 times. It's odd, yes, but it'll help solidify if you're happy or unhappy with your progress or lack thereof. Sure, your weight is going to fluctuate up and down, but in a week you should be looking for a downward trend if your intention is to lose weight.

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    Record everything!

    There are plenty of wonderful apps that you can do this with, you can also do it in excel if you want to be really fancy. Record everything! This will take maybe 5 minutes a day but it'll be worth a lifetime of healthier eating habits. Record how much you weigh each day, how much you eat, when you eat it, even who you eat it with. The more you are aware of your eating habits the more mindful you can be.

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    Drink water before every meal.

    You'll find yourself eating less and feeling much more refreshed. Another fun fact, because of your hypothalamus controls both drinking and eating, your body might confuse hunger with thirst. This can turn you eating a few chips into wanting the whole bag, because when you SHOULD have drunk a glass of water - you ate something salty that made you even thirstier, but since your brain interpreted that as hunger, you ate even more chips. This is a vicious cycle that leads to a lot of calories.Long story short, drink a glass of water. If you don't like water, purchase a low-calorie water flavoring to mix in on the go.

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    Load up on the vitamins!

    Let's be real, NOBODY has the time to eat plates and plates of salads and many people don't even get CLOSE to their daily fiber needs. Fiber helps make you feel full and it curves hunger.There are PLENTY of great vitamins you can take. I would suggest getting a vitamin for fiber in particularly and getting an everyday vitamin. If you don't like taking pills, there are plenty of really tasty and high-quality gummy vitamins that are not at all expensive.

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    The Golden Rule!

    Diets are for short-term results.If you want to KEEP the weight off, you need a different LIFESTYLE.Diets are for months, lifestyles are forever.Good luck!

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