8 'The First Wives Club' Moments That Still Give Us Life

This movie is everything. We are all Annie, Brenda, and Elise.

  1. 1

    Our mantra after pretty much any breakup

    Love is overrated. Poptarts, however, are delicious.

  2. 2

    Our OTHER mantra after every breakup


  3. 3

    When someone younger than us asks who our fave performer was at the VMAs and we have no idea

    Was Limp Bizkit there? Is Evanescence still a thing?

  4. 4

    When our coworker asks us what we did over the weekend

    "Sorry we asked..."

  5. 5

    Every time someone asks us to do something we don't want to

    "And don't put me on display!"

  6. 6

    When a friend asks us to help them pick an outfit

    Anybody else would be a "class-free dumpster woman."

  7. 7

    After we scroll through Instagram for way too long

    Especially during Coachella.

  8. 8

    When we're leaving a party with our friends so we can go get chicken fingers

    We've all been there.

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