A Community Came Together To Give This Dying Dog One More Time In The Snow

Old Spunky was given just days to live, so his humans did something truly awesome for the old boy

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    Spunky had been stiff for a while, but one morning when he didn't want breakfast, his family knew something was really wrong.

    Poor Spunky!

  2. 2

    His family rushed him to the Vet, and diagnosis was heart breaking. Spunky had hemangiosarcoma, a type of cancer causing him to bleed internally. He was in pain, and no chemo could help. The vet advised that he be put to sleep the very next day, but Spunky's Mom had made him a promise years ago that she wanted to keep.

    Spunky in his younger days

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    The pair had lived in Texas for years, but Spunky loved winter-he had grown up in Wisconsin and loved to play in snowdrifts. When they moved, his Mom had promised he would see snow again one day, and she knew she couldn't let him go without keeping her promise.

    Spunky and his mom enjoying winter!

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    The Vet had to cancel Spunky's appointment and Ashley thought he seemed a lot happier and more healthy-so she hasn't made him another appointment. She knows that their time together is limited, but she's happy that she was able to keep her promise to him after all-with the help of some awesome friends!

    Best friends forever!

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