Lets Talk About Hillary Clinton's Historic DNC Acceptance Speech!

Here's what she said, and here's what she meant...

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    Hillary Clinton made history last night, officially becoming the first Woman in American History to be nominated for President from either party.

    Clinton spoke passionately about the state of the country

  2. 2

    Clinton addressed a Democratic party that has been through turbulent times this election season. She had the hard job of uniting an almost split party; a tall order for one speech, but it looks like she just might have done it

    Clinton addressed Bernie Sanders and his supporters directly

  3. 3

    Clinton emphasized the idea of "working together" more than once. She laid out a vision of a united party and a united country.

    No coincidence then, that Katy Perry performed her new single "Rise" at the DNC

  4. 4

    Clinton took several direct swipes at Trump and his anti-Islam platform.

    She was careful to differentiate between Islam and Terrorism

  5. 5

    Clinton also went after Trump's business acumen, calling into question his line of Trump products and where they're manufactured

    Hillary can be a shady lady when she needs to be!

  6. 6

    And finally Clinton drove the point home; Trump is REAL. It COULD happen if we don't stand together and DO SOMETHING.

    Incredibly well put.

  7. 7

    Whatever Hillary Clinton said last night would have been historic, but this speech managed to unite an incredibly fractured Democratic party, no mean feat for any politician. She looks set to take on November!

    I can't wait for the Meryl Streep biopic!

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