The Hottest, Eligible Celeb Bachelors

That's right! These men are for the taking

  1. 1

    Zac Efron

    With his career back on track, maybe Zac will be ready for love again soon.

  2. 2

    Scott Eastwood

    Eastwood is very sexy and very single. You never know you could be the next Mrs Eastwood

  3. 3

    Prince Harry

    He has all the perks of being a royal, without the responsibility. He’s fun-loving, sporty and who could resist a sexy ginger?

  4. 4

    Chris Evans

    Yes that is right ladies Captain America is single!

  5. 5

    Andrew Garfield

    Mmmmmmmmm Spiderman!

  6. 6

    Michael B Jordan

    You’ve probably found yourself swooning more than once for this man. Well, swoon on, swooners because he is single.

  7. 7

    Henry Cavill

    Are you Lois to Henry Cavill’s Superman? There’s certainly a vacancy.

  8. 8


    He is a handsome, sensitive, successful man, so... ?

  9. 9

    James Franco

    Single because he's shy- perfect for all you confident women out there

  10. 10

    Jamie Foxx

    The bad boy that you know you want but can't have. Not in this case!

  11. 11

    Chris Pine

    Going. Weak. At. The. Knees. OMG those eyes!

  12. 12

    Jared Leto

    We can guarantee that your world would rock with Jared in it

  13. 13

    Jake Gyllenhaal

    We are praying to god that the single rumors are still true because Jake is all kinds of yummy!

  14. 14

    Leonardo De Caprio

    We'll never let go Jack. Never let go!

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