The weirdest fabrics ever used on Project Runway

Project Runway, that reality television fashion stalwart, subscribes fully to the important tenet that fashion is about making hot people look as silly as possible. And in the multiple series we’ve seen so far, we’ve borne witness to some fabrics that are going to blow your mind.

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    Project Runway’s first season on Lifetime saw a resurgence in creativity in show concepts – and with that came entire garments constructed from newsprint. Headlines, papier mâché and some seriously inky fringe. Plus – as an added bonus - everyone smelled of fish and chips.

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    Ah, the joys of weaving organic material into a bra. Season two, episode nine, harnessed the power of flowers in flowing dresses, leading us to hope that none of the models suffered from hay fever. One vigorous sneeze, and the whole runway would be one bouquet of naked.

  3. 3

    Corn Husks

    Episode one of season one saw the designers invited to produce clothing out of materials found in a Manhattan grocery store, and Austin rose magnificently to the challenge with a dress constructed entirely from the useless green husky bits of corn. What happened to all the corn, you ask? We may never know.

  4. 4

    Seat Belts

    Never before had a whole viewing audience coveted a coat constructed from bits of car – but then, no one before Season 5’s Korto Momolu had ever thought to weave tawny seat belts into a masterpiece. Fashionable, and safety conscious.

  5. 5

    Burlap Sack

    Is there anything less fashionable than a literal sack of potatoes? No. And yet, in Series 7, there it was, marching down the runway masquerading as a mini skirt.

  6. 6


    Season 10; the contestants were charged with using candy to make their creations. One word: sticky.

  7. 7

    Coffee Filters

    Models are rumoured to survive on not much more than strong coffee and packets of cigarettes – so this season 3 homage to their primary source of sustenance really just makes sense.

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