What The Internet Has Done For This Homeless Georgia Teen Will Warm Your Heart!

Sometimes the kindness of strangers is all that you need!

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    This is Fred Barley. He's 19, and rode his bike for six hours to register for classes. He had nowhere to stay, and didn't want to ride all the way home, so he set up a tent on Campus.

    Fred Barley, 19.

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    When Cops discovered the tent on Campus, Fred revealed himself and told them his story. The Cops were so moved at the young man's dedication and tenacity, they decided to help. They got him a room at a Motel so that he had somewhere to stay until classes started. A GoFundMe was set up for Fred, and as of today, it's raised over $60,000!

    People have rallied together to help Fred get through College!

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    People have donated to pay for Barley's Motel room, and after hearing the news, a local Pizza joint even offered Barley a job!

    Barley looks all set to tackle the school year!

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    Fred has been very moved by the outpouring of support from the local community; “I just wanted to personally tell you guys thank you so much for all that you have done for me. I can’t even begin to come up with half the words to explain how I feel,”

    We love you Fred!

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    “I love you all and I wanna make all you guys proud. Hopefully the day I graduate all of you all are there.” We're already so proud of you, Fred! Nice work!

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