You Won't Believe What NASA Discovered On Mars!

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has provided the 1st evidence ever of flowing, salty water on Mars! Since liquid water is essential to life, these findings could increase the odds of life on the red planet. Until recently, researchers presumed that Mars was a dry, arid planet.

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    Scientists reported Monday that Mars appears to have flowing rivulets of salty water in the summer.

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    They detected hydrated salts on these slopes at Horowitz crater, corroborating their original hypothesis that the streaks are indeed formed by liquid water.

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    Alfred McEwen, the principal scientist for the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter’s high-resolution imaging experiment said that he believes the possibility of life on Mars to be "very high".

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    Today’s Mars is nothing like ancient Mars. More than 3 billion years ago, Mars had a huge ocean, but something radical happened. Exactly what remains is a mystery. The ultimate goal would be to one day bring samples back to Earth for analysis, says McEwen.

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