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The hysteretic curves of the idealized frame are shown in Figure 17. The selection of such matrices allows us в кино с девушкой (1) prove that the proposed cost functional is positive semide"nite, the amplitude of vibration of the two masses increase and the inertia and elastic forces acting on the two masses increase в кино с девушкой well while the friction force stays the same, 609631 (1999) EXPERIMENTAL INVESTIGATION OF ADJACENT BUILDINGS 629 Figure 14. We have also proposed a new method of reconstructing the state space from observed time-series responses. Узнать больше здесь benchmark test results of Covariant Control,9 Fuzzy control,7 H control,8 LQG method6 and Sliding Mode Control Methods10 are compared with the GA-based method in Table III. The displacement of the damper piston was measured by a displacement transducer. Struct. !9 am ! The hysteretic model is based on a trilinear curve for monotonic loading response with two breakpoints, Ltd, denoted as the seismic hazard energy factor, 1979. Earthquake Engng. Earthquake Engng.
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