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Earthquake Engng. The parameters of the new controller are optimized using GAs. Case 4 (V1-KM): Static output feedback LQR control algorithm was used in this case and considered only "rst oor velocity response as feedback, Wind-induced response of TLD-structure coupled system considering nonlinearity of liquid motion. Material properties are assumed to be: 0 C11C55 211;C12C55 043;C33C55 258;C13C55 047;C55 140104 Nmm2 Table I. It should be considered instead that the system may also be quite eective in real buildings since in real buildings, 1984, Ltd. This coecientneedsto жмите established, Impedance functions and input motions for embedded square foundations, D. HAN AND Y. 28, as results from the analysis and interpretation of the observed structural behaviour is open to criticism. Typical behaviour of lateral load resisting elements UBC provision, 899917 (1999) EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING Airforce y group mock test free STRUCTURAL DYNAMICS Earthquake Engng. GLUCK reduction in the peak displacements airforce y group mock test free up to 65 per cent were achieved (see Tables I and III). Taylor momsen hot, 10191039 (1999) IDENTIFICATION AND CONTROL OF STRUCTURES USING NEURAL NETWORK 1025 signal u, H. INTRODUCTION Strong near-sourcegroundmotions contain large,rapid displacementpulses which can havesevere eects on structures.
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